ITL Cameras

This site contains information about camera systems developed and maintained at the University of Arizona Imaging Technology Laboratory (ITL).
Most of these cameras are installed on Steward Observatory telescopes.

See for information on the AzCam software used to operate most ITL cameras.  


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Bok 2.3 m Telescope

The Bok telescope on Kitt Peak has the 90Prime prime focus imager, the B&C Spectrograph, and several Steward guider cameras.

See the control room paper document for the Bok lightening shutdown procedure.


90Prime is a prime focus wide-field imager for the Steward Observatory 90" telescope.

The documentation for 90Prime is now at

BC Spectrograph

The B&C Spectrograph CCD was replaced with a newer version during summer downtime 2011. The new device has the same format but better performance.


Click this link for the ITL Detector test report, including QE curve

Kuiper 61 Telescope

The Kuiper 61' telescope on Mt. Bigelow has the Mont4k 4kx4k CCD imager as well as the bigguider Steward guide camera.




The MMTO uses the following ITL cameras:

Red Channel


Blue Channel



LBTO on Mt. Graham uses the following ITL cameras on the PEPSI spectrograph and for guide cameras.

LBT Guiders


These are the guider cameras built at ITL for LBTO. All LBT guider cameras use the same CCD detectors and dewars. The software is based on the AzCam image acquistion system. The TEC cooled dewars are built at Steward Observatory. The detectors are E2V CCD57 devices.

AzCam Software

Go to this link to download AzCam software used in the lbtguiders systems.

Go to this link for lbtguider-specific software.

See Installation Notes for lbtguider specific instructions.


Here are links to cable wiring drawings.

PEPSI Guiders

PEPSIGuiders is the name originally given to the Magellan controller-based guider systems developed at ITL for AIP's PEPSI instrument.  With the PEPSI integration activities at LBTO we no longer refer to the Magellan systems as PEPSIGuiders but refer to all guiders as "lbtguiders". The old PEPSI guider documents may be found here.

LBT Guider Upgrade 2009

In 2009 a new project was initiated to make several changes in the guider systems, initially for MODS. These changes are as follows:

  1. Build and test two 3-m cables, flexible, with straight connectors for MODS.
  2. Build and test two small PC's with SSDs, with 1 PCI board each from existing systems.
  3. Upgrade AzCam software to new drivers with a parser which allows legacy commands from LBT control system.
  4. Test and replace new flare fittings on MODS dewars to prevent possible coolant leakage.
  5. Experiment with dewar back-fill using an insert gas to avoid yearly vacuum maintenance.

Installation Notes

LBTGuider installation Notes

See for current AzCam installation instructions as well as links to the various installer files.

See for general LBTGuider information, including links to the above AzCam site and to a copy of the lbtguiders code (as installed at \AzCam\systems\lbtguiders), which will be referred to as the lbtguiders folder.

Version Configuration

New in December, 2013 are two configuration utilities (python scripts) which set the versions for AzCamServer and ControllerServer.  These configuration utility files should be located in the lbtguiders folder. The files may be found at and are called:

To set a specific version, run the appropriate script from File Explorer.  The script will find the currently installed versions and present the user with a menu from which to select the desired version to use.  

The AzCamServer utility overwrites a text file which is read when AzCamServer starts.  

The ControllerServer utility is more complex.  It stops all ControllerServers which may be running on the local machine, installs the version selected, and then starts that version.  The ControllerServer installation files must already be set up properly as per normal installation instructions (see






VATT on Mt. Graham uses the following ITL cameras:


Lennon VATT4k Imager


Lennon VATT Spectrograph

Steward Guiders

Bok guider for 90Prime - 90PrimeGuider

Bok guider for BCSpec - BokCassGuider

Kuiper (61") guider - BigGuider

MMT guider - MMTGuider

SPOL guider - SPOLGuider


ITL Guiders

This section contains technical information of ITL guider systems.

PC Setup

Notes for setting up a new PC for AzCam: